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Hoping for a miracle?

2d lorraine editorial

Hoping for a miracle?

“Miracles don’t happen. You make them happen. They’re not
wishes or dreams or candles on a cake. They’re not impossible.
Reality is real. It’s totally and completely under my control.”
– Julie Anne Peters, Far from Xanadu
What would it be like if you never had to worry again about
how much you weigh?
Many who struggle with ongoing weight issues would love to
stop the feelings of guilt, shame and failure that go with not
being able to reach and attain what society calls “normal
weight.” Those with a long history of losing and gaining may
even say that nothing short of a miracle can end their life long
love/hate relationship with the scale.
During a recent talk about wellbeing a doctor showed slides
of the different cells in various organs in the human body. I
was struck by the unique shapes and structures of the cells in
organs like the skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas and
more. Each cell having its own unique purpose to fulfill, and
doing what it was created to do independently. We can truly
say that to live, is a miracle.
As small children we understand that miracles are possible and
we expect to find miracles wherever we go. As we grow up,
however, we learn that the only truth is reality.
When weaned from breast and bottle we are introduced to
solids and sooner or later we discover junk food as well. Busy
families have little time for healthy meals cooked from scratch
with unprocessed products, little time for healthy family
activities and very little time to share those stories and family
values that make us feel like special human beings.
We learn to accept modern life as our reality. We buy the
products and live the lives our money make possible for us.
Yet, the more we buy, the less satisfied we feel. We look in the
mirror and frown at the kilo’s caused by the processed food
and inactivity our money buy for us and spend thousands to try
and lose it again –only to gain it back.
What if, next time you look in the mirror, you look a little bit
closer? What if you happen to discover, there in front of you,
someone who is alive for a very special purpose? Perhaps
you are someone’s parent or child or friend or perhaps you
have another great purpose. Look past the shape that makes
you frown to see the miracle of you: The unique breathing,
pulsating miracle that makes you who you are.
Once you see that you are miraculous, choosing to be at a
weight which is healthy for you is not impossible, because your
reason for healthy living will be based on appreciation for what
you have, not what you think is expected of you.
Miracles happen when we take personal control of how we
choose to live.

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