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5. Herbs for sex – gents

Herbs for sex – gents

Sex drive is not governed by one simple mechanism; it is a combination of hormonal, nervous, psychological and genetic events. Sex is never an issue unless there is a problem, either too little, or too much. Often people will seek off-the-shelf herbal treatment as an anonymous act versus the embarrassment of consulting their health care practitioner, or GP. Their motivations vary, for example they may have lost interest in sex but their partner wants more, or they have a new love interest and want to perform better or for longer.

Different herbs address different physiological issues, but key is increasing circulation to the genitals and testosterone levels. In men, erectile challenges typically are related to issues of desire, libido, maintaining an erection, ejaculation or partnership concerns. Herbs from the Panax species initiate erection by stimulating nitric oxide release into the epithelium of corpus cavernosum, improving blood flow and making the penis hard. Horny Goat Weed is thought to assist in maintaining erection and increasing the force of ejaculation. Saw palmetto, Nettle and Shitake mushroom can be useful in treating erectile difficulties where there is benign prostatic hypertrophy, often associated with diminished androgen secretion. Where impotence is due to devitalisation and exhaustion, Ashwaganda serves as an adrenal tonic. Herbs commonly touted as aphrodisiacs don’t always deliver but a fellow phytotherapist swears by a dose of Eucomia to put you in the mood.

Written by: Dr Carla Boswell, 70 Barnet Street, Gardens

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