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Health Skin in the Midst of Change in Season

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Healthy skin in the midst of change in season
As the days get shorter and the leaves turn golden
brown, the change in season can unleash havoc on
sensitive skin such as psoriasis. Our skin is like armour,
tough enough to protect our body from harsh weather.
However, even armour needs to be taken care of.
Psoriasis is a common skin disorder which is caused
by a pile up of skin cells that have replicated too rapidly.
Due to the fast replication rate, the skin cells are unable
shed, causing them to accumulate and result in the
silvery scale appearance of psoriasis.
Individuals with psoriasis commonly have low levels
of vitamin A and zinc as well as glutathione peroxidase,
a selenium containing antioxidant enzyme. Incomplete
protein digestion and impaired liver function are factors
associated with psoriasis. It is clear to see that your diet
as well as proper supplementation plays a vital role in
the treatment regime.
Dietary supplements such as vitamin A and E,
chromium, selenium and zinc are powerful antioxidants
which protect the skin against free radicals and promote
healing. Your diet should consist of a variety of fruit and
vegetables, cold-water oily fish, whole grains such as
brown rice and lentils and plenty of nuts and seeds. Limit
intake of sugar, meat, artificial flavourings and alcohol
and eliminate sources of gluten.
Topical preparations containing glycyrrhetinic
acid from licorice, chamomile extracts and capsaicin
from cayenne pepper can be useful in treating those
with psoriasis. Stress can trigger an outbreak therefore
implementing stress management techniques are vital.
Dr Melissa Arendse ND, M. Sc (Cum Laude)
021 914 4576 or 078 192 6944

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