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Many reasons exist for hair loss some of them being hormonal
imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, genetics, medications,
repeated stress exposure and thyroid disease. To gain a clear
understanding of your hair loss, seeking medical advice would be
important. However, you could start addressing the issue by focusing
on your diet, supplementation and stress management. A diet rich
in whole foods, green leafy vegetables, limiting caffeine intake
and refined sugars is part of base line treatment. Supplementation
with zinc, copper, selenium, B complex vitamins and omega 3 has
been shown to bring improvement. Encouraging blood circulation
to the scalp through the use of hair products which contain herbs
such as Rosemary oil, Stinging nettle and Horse-tail will nourish the
hair from the root. Acupuncture has also shown to
be effective as a treatment method. Exercise and
meditation allow one to better cope with stress as it
gives the mind time to unwind.
Dr. Melissa Brown, Naturopath • 072-549-4938
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