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Giveaway – Garden Wisdom


Giveaway – Garden Wisdom

Love your Womb with Herbs as Nature
intended. Garden Wisdom provides herbal
remedies that assist the reproductive system
in its many roles throughout a woman’s life.
Whether you’ve just reached puberty or
entering menopause, a healthy reproductive
system in essential.
‘Happy Womb’ Tea – Perfect blend for a
Happy Womb, no matter what age!
Lady’s Mantle Tincture – The woman’s herb!
Believed to have a toning, balancing and
regulating effect.
Herbal Infusion Sachet – Red Clover is
highly regarded by some for its cancer
preventative properties and is filled with a
wide range of trace minerals and vitamins.

A hamper of products for the lucky winner.
Email your name and contact details to
by 30 November 2016

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