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Fiona Almeleh

Fiona Almeleh is a Course Facilitator, Public Speaker, Empathic Diviner, Intuitive Healer, Creative Colour and Art Therapist, Author and Artist based in Cape Town, South Africa

Fiona and her work

For over two decades, Fiona has facilitated and consulted with hundreds of clients both locally and from different parts of the world. She is highly regarded for her integrity and has established a reputation as a clear and compassionate Empathic Diviner and Intuitive Artist. She has run numerous workshops, designed, illustrated and authored several books. She has also been cited in many articles and publications, been an invited presenter on holistic programmes as well as interviewed and consulted for both radio and television.


Fiona qualified as a fine and graphic artist in Natal in the 1970’s and turned to publishing and illustrating in the 80’s. From the early 90’s she trained as a Colour Therapist and honed her gift of Intuitive Healing. Currently her main area of specialist knowledge includes Empathic Divination and the Facilitation of an Integrated Self Awareness in others. This is a form of Life Coaching and a powerful tool for self-reflection which is available for individuals, couples and groups.

Services offered

Fiona offers a range of services including:

• Individual and group facilitation specifically focused on shifting old paradigms and thought patterns.

• Empathic Divination – Fiona is a Sensitive and  translates the symbols and information held in the subtle energy fields for the purpose of giving clients greater insight into current situations.

• Written articles and publications.

• Film and radio interviews.

• Personal development.

• Creative breakthrough sessions and workshops.

• Meditation

• Higher Attunement  to one’s Authentic Self

+2721(0) 83 599 8487

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