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Finding possibility in nature…

14 Moira

Finding possibility in nature…
Possibility is always available we just need to connect to
it, the illusiveness of it can lead us on different paths until
we stop, take stock and listen.
Our daily lives are generally full, busy and often pressured
to achieve, acquire or succeed. Having done all these
things, there is at first a sense of elation but this soon
fades, leaving a feeling of emptiness, a void and so a
cycle begins. Trying to fill the void with food, alcohol,
drugs and technology and more busyness until one day
something happens to wake us up – a crisis, a trauma,
loss or divorce.
This “awakening” can go unheard as often we focus on
the drama associated with what has happened, but it
can be an opportunity to re-evaluate what is important
in life. This is often expressed as, the simple things in life
love, health, harmony but mostly there is a sense that
there is little hope of realising these.
One way, is finding new possibility and being, through
nature. Connecting with nature assists to re-connect
with the authentic self, that part of self that is seeking
love, peace and harmony. Just being in nature gives
you time to quietly contemplate, take time out and
be. No matter which way you spend in nature, it will
always be beneficial as nature provides negative ions
which balance your system and help you to re-connect
with self. Research has shown that being in nature also
decreases your heart rate, blood pressure and therefore
your stress levels. This ultimately increases the clarity of
your mind to assist you to begin to see perspective.
Being mindful in nature and connecting to the many
metaphors it provides, allows new possibility to emerge.
This only occurs if one is open to new experience
and prepared to do something different. What often
happens is we tend to repeat the same patterns over
and over again as it is the only way we know. This results
in limitations being set as to what we perceive is possible
and often leads us to being stuck/blocked.
If however we allow something new to emerge change
can happen. Try this simple exercise. Sit under a tree
(or imagine it) and think of a small problem you have
and all the ways you have tried to solve it. Now get
up from under the tree (or out of your chair if you used
imagination) and stand away from the tree (chair) and
look at yourself what do you need now?
Nature always provides a doorway to view life from
a different perspective and therefore an opportunity
to make new choices to deal with a situation. It is this
doorway of endless possibility that brings new hope,
when trying to move forward in life and so the adage –
ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE becomes not a set of words but
a reality available to all!!

Moira is a life coach who works in nature with individuals
who are stressed, traumatised or in transition.
Phone 084 576 8280 / www.

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