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Finding Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace

For as long as I can recall it’s been my wish to have inner peace and since opening Inner Peace Healing – for clients to leave their treatment with a feeling of inner peace. The question is how to do this? What stands in the way of inner peace is different for each of us.


The discomfort or dis-ease we feel may first manifest in the energy body and then move to the physical body. The beauty of Transformational Kinesiology is that it deals with both the physical – identifying specific syndromes, and the energy body – finding and clearing the emotions or beliefs that caused the dis-ease.


Transformational Kinesiology is perfect for when you find yourself hitting up against that proverbial brick wall. We can find and clear that block – which could be from this life time or a previous life time. Gentle Reiki closes the treatment – filling the heart with peace and love, and giving you time to settle into the new clearer self.


Each treatment at Inner Peace Healing is unique – so that you leave with a feeling of inner peace and a smile in your heart.


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