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Festive Habits


‘Tis the silly season…and the time of year when we unwind,

let our hair down, spend time with family and friends, and of

course, celebrate ! As a result, we mope in the aftermath of

overindulgence, bloated bellies, and possibly a few extra kilos.

Your mind shifts into holiday gear and your routine disappears; but

a few “tweaks” can keep you on track …

Be mindful, especially of eating more than you need, and of

alcohol and soda intake. Using a side plate is a great way to have

a smaller portion. Make enough food for only one helping, or be

disciplined to put extra food away for another day. Drink plenty of

water (it’s good for you AND medicinal)

Avoid going to a party hungry! Have a healthy snack before you

leave home (meaning less of unhealthy snacks at the party?). Or

offer to take a plate of healthy snacks, salad, or dessert to the

party and you can enjoy – guilt free.

Alcohol in moderation… Consider using a smaller glass, offer to

be in charge of topping up the drinks. Avoid creamy or sweet

drinks, as they are higher in sugar. Drink plenty of water (alcohol is

dehydrating and more water will help in not overeating and you

will feel better the next day.

Exercise. Increase your metabolism. Walking is a great way to start

the day. Get the whole family on board – it’s a good way to spend

quality time together.

Above all else, be gentle with yourself. If you do happen to

overindulge, don’t punish yourself, but rather get back on track

as soon as you can.

Fiona Thornton – Nutrition and Health Coach


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