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Ensure that your immune system is flu-proof this winter

15b melissan arendse


With winter lurking around the corner, it is never too
early to flu-proof your body. The primary function of our
immune system is to protect the body from infection
and assist healing.
Ensuring that your grocery basket is filled with
nutritious foods is the primary step to safeguard your
body. Unrefined carbohydrates, healthy fats, plantbased
and good protein sources will nourish your body.
Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables that are in season
will boost immunity. These include oranges, vegetables,
guavas, broccoli, onions, radish and parsnips. Preparing
a scrumptious soup incorporates all these food groups
while soothing a cold body and boosting your wellbeing.
Include plenty of mucous drying vegetables such
as turnips, onions, radish and parsnips which contain
essential oils and flavonoids, carrots for a boost of
vitamin C and barley which contains beta-glucan, an
antimicrobial agent. Herbs such as cayenne pepper not
only add flavour to the food but have antiseptic as well
as anti-inflammatory properties which will help to ease
a blocked nose but also soothe sore, painful joints prone
to winter aches.
Dietary supplementation is essential for optimum
results. Vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium assists
to boost your body’s defence system. Herbal remedies
such as Echinaceae purpureae and Cats claw have
antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Garlic
contains allicin, a compound containing powerful
antimicrobial properties. Drinking plenty of water assists
in flushing out toxins and plenty of rest is essential to
repair and rebuild cells which strengthen out immune
system and fight infection this winter.
Dr Melissa Arendse ND, M. Sc (Cum Laude)
021 914 4576 or 078 192 6944

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