LinkUp Western Cape


Hello Everyone,
I can hardly believe that we are already heading past the 1st
quarter of the year!
As you can see,… we have a lovely FRESH, front cover AND
approach, to the March/April issue and it is bound to make you feel
like eating fresh fruit! Enjoy the last days of summer, everyone…..
Our winner for the Solms-Delta competition is Sue Nepgen.
Congratulations and we hope you and your partner have a truly
enjoyable meal!
We have an awesome editorial on SCIO – Quantum Feedback
and how it actually works.
Also, a fabulous article by Dr Carla Boswell on BodyMind Health,
very appropriate to us all.
Rolene of Rawlean has provided us with yet another delicious
recipe, this time for carrot juice with a little difference.
NEW competition: Win a beautiful – RAWLicious Recipe Book. For
competition details see page 19. Thank you very much, Beryn &
Peter Daniel.
This year has started out pretty tight financially, all round , which
is not a bad thing as it encourages new ideas and a better
implementation of current systems. A Win-Win for our advertisers!!
We look forward to a lot of much needed rain and the cooler
months ahead.
Ponder this: How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but
it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

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