LinkUp Western Cape

EDITORIAL : SUMMER 2018 – December 2018 – February 2019

Seasons Greetings !

Wishing all our readers a Good Festive Season in the passage towards meeting a Peaceful & Prosperous New Year.

We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with glorious beaches, café’s & restaurants galore, garden walks and many sacred sites. There are so many opportunities to be nourished by this natural habitat right on our doorstep.

At the threshold of our summer holidays, we also wish to thank the LINK-UP community for the overwhelming support we have received during

the past months as we find our feet in the rhythm of producing the editions for you. Without the support of you as advertisers, article contributors, distributors, and readers, linking the community with LINK-UP would not be possible.


With this Summer Link Up issue, we invite you to slow down, let go……..reflect and take stock; possibly defrag and reset whilst you renew and awaken body, mind and spirit for living into what promises to be an amazing 2019.

Enjoy this Summer issue that has evolved through our community and co-workers, and enjoy reading and reflecting on practical tips and ideas embedded in the articles on LETTING GO, What is Awakening?, Family Wellbeing, Understanding your Child, and the Sacred Healing Dance of Pet Ownership. Find new ways to ensure abundance and well-being in your financial flows through a day-to-day Abundance MONEY DIARY, and tap into alternative currencies letting your talents assist you to create abundant wealth in new alternative ways. Take advantage of the Season of Celebrations and the many events spreading messages of Forgiveness, Kindness and Charity.

Bring joy and upliftment to self and others in your community. Meditate and restore your own wellbeing and zest for a new cycle around the Sun.

Congratulations to our winners of Spring issue’s Sure Touch Competition, viz. Amber Druian,

Lesley Libby, and Heidi Olah!!

Look out for the GIVEAWAY in this issue, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas for our next issue in Autumn.

Remember that Water is precious, together we can restore this elemental balance.

Best Festive Greetings

Anne-Lise and Zephne


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