LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial September / October 2012

Hi there,
I am pretty sure that we all feel relief now that spring has arrived. I have never experienced such a cold winter since I first moved here over 12 years ago. What I enjoyed the most, was taking out my “real” winter woolies, jacket, scarves, gloves & beanie and then, … actually wearing them!
We had a fantastic response to our Temenos competition and we would like to say a “Hearty Congratualtions” to Elena Bevilacqua! Thank you to all those who entered.
Our competition for Sept/Oct Issue is a free NLP session with Jevon Dangeli. Go for it. Always very enlightening.
Then, on our back cover you will see Dr Shakti Malan’s sexual awakening for woman and bliss dance. Have we got you
intrigued yet?
Check out how to resolve your cholesterol issues from Dr Melissa Brown our resident Naturopath.
KÅRE LANDFALD from Norway will be doing transformational Zen Coaching workshops in Cape Town, so don’t miss out.
I cannot believe we are on the home run for the end of year……..
Keep Smiling:
I believe the only time the world beats a path to my door and calls my cellular phone, is when I’m in the bathroom.

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