LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial – May/June 2012

Dear Friends
The Rain has arrived at last,…… and NOT in Spain,… in
Cape Town.
We hope you had a good break and if not,…WHY not
have one now? Temenos has some super winter specials.
We love our little chap and his gorgeous umbrella.
Take a gander at the new “ 8 0’Clock Club”, under a new
team, sounds promising.
Competition Winner: Rhiannon – Congratulations on your
yummy RawLicious Recipe book.
Super new competition – Pippa Solomon (relationship
facilitator) – Win 3 sessions to the value of R1050!!
There is an enlightening editorial by Merle Lifson-Dettori –
you are in ALL our prayers Merle and family.
Stay warm, read the LinkUp….. of course, enjoy a little hot
chocolate by the fireplace.
Do remember our homeless, jobless ones and all our dear
animals in all their shapes and forms.
Ponder this: What disease did cured ham actually have?
Stay warm & be safe until next issue.

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