LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial March/April 2018

Taking part in a fun run recently through a rain drenched
landscape, I pondered how easy it is to live a life that
divorces one from the natural world around us. To rush
around in cars and planes, communicate electronically
with those both far and near, build fortresses in fantasy
lands with the click of a mouse, vicariously explore far
reaches of the globe through a camera mounted on a
drone. Wonderful things that decades ago people could
only dream about. Yet, the world is here waiting for us to
become aware, to breathe in the scents, feel the breeze,
hear the sounds of creatures and connect with our
environment and be uplifted.
Perhaps this water crisis is a wake up call, making us reevaluate
our way of life, teaching us not to take certain
luxuries for granted, to think before turning on a tap, that
what we do affects ourselves and others. Read up on how
CompostLoo are doing their bit to make a difference.
Congrats to Jo Dunn on being the winner of the Enchantrix
hamper. Who will win be the winner of this issue’s hamper?
Send me your email entries or pick up the phone and give
me a call.
Please take a look at the various workshops and retreats
that are being offered on these pages. If you go, please
say you saw it in Link-Up.

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