LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial March/April 2017

Summer heat should be giving way to cooler breezes as
the Cape desperately waits for the winter rains to start. I am
so conscious of every drop I use, trying not to waste any of it
and re-using what I can in my garden. Even when the rains
come, let us keep the good habits we have developed
so we can continue to conserve this precious, life-giving
Congrats go to Mark Blake who won the Solar Aura
giveaway and to Carol Petersen who won the Enchantrix
It is so good to get away, take time out, re-appraise one’s
journey, learn new skills, learn to listen to oneself. There are
a number of opportunities to do just that in many lovely
places that are being advertised in this issue: page through
and see if there is one that speaks to you.
Novalis Ubuntu begin their exciting new Personal
Development Programme this month and coming up
in May will be another chance to discover Shibuie, the
Japanese painting technique. This is proving so popular
that this time round, there are two workshops, see the back
page for details.
Blessings until next time,

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