LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial March/April 2016

This has been a tough summer to get through: fires, water
restrictions, heatwaves, the economy, not to mention politics,
and yet more fires. To help you negotiate the way forward we
have teamed up with Soil for Life and you can read about
waterwise gardening on page 10. You may even decide to
attend one of their courses, as I am doing in February, and start
your own garden at home. What can be more satisfying than
serving food fresh from your garden, still fragrant with sunshine
and bursting with goodness that won’t get a chance to wilt
away on a supermarket shelf?
With electricity hikes looming, why not consider a Wonderbag?
Once your meal is boiling, pop it in the Wonderbag and let
the insulated heat cook it to perfection. Wendy is offering a
Wonderbag to one lucky reader in this issue’s giveaway. We
also have another popular Enchantrix hamper, maybe this time
will be your turn! Congrats to Fasiegha Arendse for winning the
January/February hamper.
There are a number of interesting events and courses coming
up. I can definitely recommend the Shibuie workshop which I
had the pleasure of doing last year – my tea bowls have pride of
place on my dressing table. I do hope you find something that
will pique your interest.
Until next time,

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