LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial- March / April 2015

As I write this, it seems strange that summer’s fierce heat will
soon give way to autumn chills. The long summer evenings,
which have made loadshedding less of a hardship, are
coming to an end and the earlier dusk provides a welcome
respite to the heat of the day. It is time to think of preparing
one’s immune system to ward off colds and flu, so prevalent
with the change of season. Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea are
all well known for boosting the immune system to fight off
Congrats to Heather Green on winning the Enchantrix
hamper for Jan/Feb. This issue, there is another hamper to be
won and Linda Smith, of Abundance Diary fame, is offering
a discount of 50% off the fee of her new Abundance Money
School 6-month online course to one lucky reader. The cost
of the course is R 4 500, so this is a wonderful prize indeed.
Again we have a number of articles for you to read: Dr
Melissa Arendse informs us on Gout, Lorraine le Roux
gives us tips to assess weightloss programmes and new
contributor Macarena Vergara writes about the creative
process of living.
Till next time

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