LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial: July/August 2014

At the Yoga Festival in Greyton last December, while busy
at the Bowen stall, each day I heard peals of laughter
and deep guffawing echo from the main area. It was
contagious and I found myself and those around me
laughing too. The reason for the laughter? No, not standup
comedians but laughter yoga. Please turn to page 11
to read up on this stress relieving form of yoga that Kate
Squire-Howe travelled to India to study.
It is always wonderful to be able to brighten someone’s day
with an unexpected surprise and congrats to our winners of
the Celebrate Life Festival tickets: Rushdia Omar, Gamiet
Stanfield and Gilda Belo. I trust that you made the most of
the festival. Also, congrats to Fatima Pandy who wins the
Enchantrix hamper. Please look for this issue’s competitions,
another Enchantrix hamper and 3 Winter Protect vitopacks
from Vitology. A heartfelt thanks to all the donors of the
competitions for their generosity.
I know mid-year exams are over but the third term always
seems to be filled with exams, too. Matric trial exams,
music and dance exams and end of year exams loom in
the distance. Dr Melissa Arendse provides us with some
nutritional advice for dealing with exam stress.
Keep warm and well.

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