LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial: January/February 2016

Greetings and a Happy New Year to all! Our cover is a nod to
the Chinese Year of the Monkey beginning 8 February.
A year of challenges and learning curves awaits us as changing
weather patterns force us to manage our precious water
resources with great care and economic and social pressures
make us reconsider how we live. Let us be guided by love.
I had a wonderful opportunity to tour some of the gardens
awarded prizes by Soil for Life. It was so inspiring to see how
ordinary people could coax life out of seemingly barren
surroundings and be able to provide gorgeous, nutritious
food for their families and friends with health giving benefits.
Their pride in their gardens was tangible and their enthusiasm
infectious. It doesn’t have to be big, even a few containers will
provide fresh greens.
Congratulations to the November winners: Abundance Diaries
for A E Cariem, Aneela Deva, Jasu Deva and Linda Sawdon;
Ruxanna Banoobhai wins a discount off Linda’s Wealth Webinar
and Ianthe Walter, the Enchantrix hamper. Many thanks to Linda
Smith Harvey and Anthea and Coral of Enchantrix. Another
hamper is up for grabs on p8.
There is much to read in this issue. I hope you enjoy the various
I am always looking for new distribution points. If you know of
suitable places please contact me at the details below.

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