LinkUp Western Cape

Editorial, January / February 2014

Greetings to you all and Happy New Year!
More than one person has told me how hectically busy
they have been during the last few weeks of the school
year. I trust that everyone is enjoying a peaceful start
to the new year and that the festive season is a time to
rest and recharge one’s batteries. Enjoy the sunshine,
the beaches, the mountains. We have so much here in
the Cape to keep us busy out of doors but keep safe.
Please, remember hats and sunscreen, take water with
you on hikes, always let someone know where you are
going, stick to the paths and please be very careful
around dams, rivers and the sea.
Congratulations to the following winners of the Dr
Hauschka competition: Terry Douglas, Anita Ramjee,
Mike Pearlson, Giuliana Hug, Lizelle Erasmus, Lee Ann
Christians, Ruth Ehrhardt, Nini van Rooyen, Jackie Plank
and Diane Ribeiro. Thank you to all who entered. This
issue we have a hamper from Enchantrix to give away.
In this issue, find out more about Access Consciousness
™ and the Bars, read about the real culprit behind
heartburn. There are many workshops and courses
available in the coming months if you want to gain a
new skill or grow personally. May 2014 be a time of new
growth and personal enrichment.

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