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EDITORIAL : AUTUMN 2019 (March / April / May 2019)

Autumn Greetings

We trust that all our readers have enjoyed the festive season and are well rooted in the new tracks of 2019. No doubt with the recent spate of power outages, which may have added to the stress of managing the changes in your life this year, we trust that this issue will assist you in small ways.

Small ways as in reminders of simple routines and common sense steps you may wish to take to ensure that your Year manifests all that you have seeded or planted, and are nurturing for yourself, your family and community.

In this issue, may you also find just the right assistance, practitioner, healer, ideas for going into Autumn with upliftment and ease. Perhaps join a course, do some study, go inward again for regeneration of Self; broaden your mind, your understanding of how Life works, discover how uniquely we’re all designed in a perfect Universe – following your natural urges – discover a hidden or unexplored talent or longing.

Enjoy this Autumn issue that has evolved through our community and co-workers, and enjoy reading and reflecting on practical ideas embedded in the articles on Welcoming the Cycle of Change, Interfaith Indaba, Laughter, Understand your Child, Boost your Immune system, Sound Medicine and Horse Medicine.

In the Mother City, we enjoy the pleasure of many global visitors. Make use of the opportunity to meet and interact with evolutionary thought leaders at the featured Interfaith Indaba and Healers Wisdom Day.

Refer to the event calendar and discover what is “lekker” about local, and also look out for the GIVEAWAY healing sessions in this issue. Congratulations to our winners of the Summer issue’s SO Symphony (Self & Other) GIVEAWAY:L atiefa Ishmail, David King, Ruan Scheun !!

A gentle reminder that WATER IS PRECIOUS; together we can restore this elemental balance.

Best Greetings

Anne-Lise and Zephne


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