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Do You Wish You Had a Strategy For Your Life?

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Can you imagine having a vision for every single area of your
life? One complete with your beliefs, purpose and strategy.
Well, all successful organisations have a business vision and
strategy to get from point A to point B, so why don’t we as
individuals have a vision and strategy too?

At the School of Intuition & Healing, we got chatting one day and
decided that, with the combination of Cindy Holmes’ practical and
business experience and Claire Creighton’s vibrational alignment
and shamanic experience – an eclectic mix of the methodical and metaphysical – we have a
great combination to help people birth and live their desired
life by showing them how to create a strategy for their life.

One thing led to another and we’ve put together a workshop
to help people create their own vision for every single area of
their lives. Our first workshop in December was fully booked!
So this got us thinking that we should run it as a weekly course
where participants can keep aligned to their strategy, their
vision and their actions for each area of their life, with ongoing
support and recorded meditations to do at home.

With a combination of teaching, writing, reflection, meditation,
ceremony, ritual and fun, we cover three main themes – going
deeply into each area by looking at what your beliefs are, what
you want, why you want it and what will it take to get it.

RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF: physical, emotional, mental and
RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS: love, family and friends
RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WORLD: career, money and lifestyle
These themes then create your LIFE VISION with purpose

We are launching our LIVE WITH PURPOSE workshop as a
weekly course in February. Each week we will focus on two
different areas of your life to help you become clear on what
your soul really desires. You will also create practical action
plans to live this desired life, as well as merge with your
Higher Self that is already living this life! Each participant has
the opportunity to join a online private community of those
attending our “Live with Purpose” workshops and courses.

“I have a plan and a vision. I am very motivated.” (Linda, December 2017)
“Well structured. Brilliantly and seamlessly facilitated. Great materials.” (Gill, December 2017)
“Enjoyed the combinations of meditations, journaling and sharing.” (Richard, December 2017)

The Live With Purpose! course will run from
6 February – 27 March (7-9pm/8 Tuesdays)
at the Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Wynberg.

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