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“The greatest achievement of humanity is not its works of
art, science, or technology, but the recognition of its own
dysfunction, its own madness.” – Eckhart Tolle
We get a choice in life: to either live our life as a constant
struggle – a fight against life, people, circumstance and even
ourselves, or to live life in a surrendered state, aligned with the
ever changing flow and grace of life.
The first way creates an inner resistance; a ‘no’ to life. This way
is ‘normal’ for humans and brings about the usual experience
of struggle, anger, anxiety, stress and disease, both for the
experiencer as well as those closely associated with them. Joy
and happiness are experienced as only brief momentary events
when circumstances are, for a short while, miraculously aligned
with the ego’s self-centred will and desire. However this doesn’t
usually last long.
Due to the ever changing nature and flow of form, all that
arises soon passes away, and so this alignment with the ego’s
will cannot last. People caught in this resistance to life know
themselves in relationship to what they do, what they achieve
and what they accumulate and grasp on to. They only know
themselves in relationship to what others and the world in
general think and say about them. They live in a fear matrix of
mind, knowing themselves only as the human side of the whole
‘human-being’. This inadequate misperception of self becomes
a justification for their work, their feelings and their actions. They
will say things like, “It’s only human to want more, to judge, to
get angry, to grieve, to get attached to things, events and
people.” They strive to force change in the world around them.
This way of living is seen as ‘normal’ by society.
The second way to live our lives is one in which life is experienced
as ease, as a perfectly orchestrated flow. People who live this
way live in a state of trust and inner peace. They allow life to
come to them, welcoming the circumstances of life, seeing
the opportunities for personal expansion and creative growth,
and not looking to circumstances for their fulfilment. They realise
the eternal truth – that ‘this too will pass,’ and so rather play
with life and its forms with the ease of acceptance and nonattachment.
They do not resist, cling to or unnecessarily judge
the outer world, but enjoy its play as it arises in each moment.
We can all learn to live life with ease; to let go of the need to
manipulate and control or resist life – this is to live a surrendered
and mastered life. This new way of living brings with it the
experience of ease and peace, and has a positive and long
lasting effect on those around them.
You can live your life transcending the matrix of fear. You can
be free. You can live with heart. You can invite the awareness
of Presence, of Being into your moment to moment experience.
This way you live your life still as a human, but you now never
forget your true essence, your eternal essence of Being.
The choice is ours. We have to be the peace we wish to see in
the world. This is the shift – from head to heart, from Human to
Being. And there are tools which I can give you to help with this
journey of awakening.
John Homewood
EQ & SQ Life Coach and teacher
Founder of Wisdom to Nourish & Mind Enhancement Systems
Illusions are in your Head | Reality is in your Heart |

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