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Dealing with Raised Cholesterol

In dealing with raised cholesterol one has to view the whole body
and focus on reducing the risks for heart disease and not just
on the numbers being presented. Understanding
that diet and lifestyle changes in some cases of raised cholesterol
can provide great benefits, is whatneeds to be highlighted more. For some
patients theirs is a family history of increased
cholesterol called familial dyslipidemia, often meaning that
medication is required but that changes in diet and lifestyle can
improve over all health. Diet changes include a reduction of
Polyunsaturated fatty acids and promotion of a diet high in
fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid damage to the endothelial
wall by not smoking, controlling diabetes, lowering blood pressure
and raising the HDL levels. Supplement with Co-Q 10, Omega 3 ,
Vitamin E , Reservatrol and green tea and herbs which support
the liver – Milk thistle, Artichoke and Tumeric. Increase B vitamins
B6, B12 and folate consumption as they decrease homocysteine
levels which increase inflammation with in the body. Finally, don’t
forget regular exercise and weight control which
are integral to managing cholesterol.

Dr. Melissa Brown, Naturopath

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