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Dare to become aware!

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Dare to become aware!
Can you play darts while blind folded? For most of us it would
probably be a challenge. To score, you need to focus on your
target. There may be different strategies to win a game of
darts, but having an unobscured view of your goal is crucial
for your success.
Like wise, success with personal goals depends on your ability
to focus all your attention on the desired outcome. What
do you want to achieve? Better health, a lean, fit body,
satisfying relationships, a steady bank balance, better stress
management, more fun, education, a fulfilling life?
All goals start with a vision: You have to see where you want
to go before you can get there. However, for many who know
what they want, the journey towards goal becomes a never
ending struggle of plotting and plodding while moving three
steps forward and two step backward.
Recently a friend was sharing her ongoing frustration about
the challenges she experience in relationships with friends and
family while another was complaining about her health and
weight challenges. In both cases friends who know them well
might be tempted to point out to them how their own actions
contribute to failed relationships for the one or a lack of great
health for the other.
Failure to reach desired goals are usually not caused by a lack
of vision. Most of us know exactly what we want. The challenges
arise when our vision is obscured by what psychologists call
mental blind spots.
“Blind spots refer to our ability to (unconsciously) refuse
perceived information into consciousness. It is a trick used by
the mind to protect our self image against information that is
too opposed to the view we may have about ourself or our
The friend with relationship frustrations may be totally unaware
that the conflicts with others are caused when she project her
unaddressed needs on them.
On the other hand, the friend who have tried many diets without
success, might not even realize how often she sabotage her
own efforts.
It may be fairly easy for others to notice blind spots in those we
live with, but to acknowledge blind spots in our own behaviour
and thinking can require lots of courage.
Want to change your life?
Three steps to remove those invisible blindfolds standing
between you and your goal:
1. Ask for feedback: You can’t change what you don’t know.
Ask someone you trust to give you regular, honest feedback.
2. Be willing to receive feedback: If you become defensive
you will not be able to learn and grow in those areas where
change is required.
3. Be willing to act on the feedback: See the value of reducing
your blind spots and commit to take steps to change
behaviours which are not working for you.
Tired of always getting the same results? Dare to become
This information is shared with you by Lorraine,
a registered life coach.
Contact: 084 661 2479 or

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