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Creative Expression for Spiritual Development and Healing

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Creative Expression for Spiritual Development and Healing

Steve Richards worked in the UK as an Arts Therapist and found
during his training that he was particularly drawn to the creative
therapeutic work of the American Arts Therapist Shaun McNiff. As
Steve developed his spiritual practice, he trained as an accredited
Spiritual Healer and has combined the skills he learnt in art therapy
training with spiritual practices such as contemplative meditation.
Using these methods he encourages people to explore their
unique creativity, creating images and ultimately giving a voice
to previously unconscious aspects of their experience and inner
world. In doing so Steve believes there is the potential,using specific
and creative techniques to open ourselves to the messages and
healing energies inherent in the images produced, which in turn
will further our spiritual development.
In his art workshop, Steve uses techniques to encourage people
to explore a variety of materials in a less self conscious way. It is
about exploring the physical qualities particular to each material
– understanding that these physical qualities influence us, attract
or repel us but will influence us on a physical emotional, mental
and spiritual level. In the workshop Steve uses colour meditations
to allow the student to become more receptive, encouraging
the student to approach the materials as if exploring the inherent
energy of them and how that energetic exchange is felt or
Steve also uses breath work, rhythm and movement to encourage
a less self conscious approach to creating images, to allow
freedom of movement and gesture. Steve says “once we have
created an image and it is before us we look at creative ways to
respond and interact with it such as meditative contemplation and
talking with, rather than about the image”. This process accepts
that the image is now separate to its maker, it is externalised but
the methods used to connect to the image in a deeper way
animates the image. Steve says “This helps to open us potentially
to the healing energies and messages they contain from our
Higher Selves, Guides and Angelic beings”.
Towards the end of the workshop Steve will explore the
importance and power of ritual to respectfully let go energetically
and separate from the images created. Steve says “I think Shaun
Mcniff describes the relationship of maker to their image so well
when he states “ Artistic expressions are like offspring and like
children they are related but separate from their makers” (McNiff.
S. 2004. Art Heals, How Creativity cures the Soul.)
Workshop on 11 and 12 March with the School of
Intuition & Healing. You can attend one or both
days. For those attending both, you will deepen
the experience and experiment further, using new
materials and working 3-dimensionally. No artistic
flair or experience is required.
Penny: 082 554 0554

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