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Chronic Dehydration … and Cancer!

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Chronic dehydration……
and cancer!
We would do well to take heed of the words uttered by
Dr Batmanghelidj “You are not sick, you are thirsty!”
In spite of this, most people today are chronically
dehydrated while unaware of the considerable
negative health implications that they are enabling,
simply by not drinking adequate water.
The symptoms of dehydration, often diverse and varied
in their intensity can include chronic fatigue, headaches,
brain fog, weight gain, depression, skin disorders and
pain to name but a few. In time these symptoms, when
not effectively addressed can progress to diseases such
as heart disease and cancer amongst many others.
Unfortunately, in modern times we are inclined to
suppress or mask these symptoms of ‘disease’, when in
truth these symptoms are often merely cries by our body
for more water!
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