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Charisma Coaching

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Charisma Coaching
The moment anyone meets you for the first time, their impression
of you is made within the first 7 seconds. This is especially
significant in one’s professional life where people, clients, coworkers
and employers very often make an initial decision
whether you seem trustworthy, competent, confident and
most importantly: authentic. You may ask yourself how does
this apply to charisma?
Charisma is the gift one gives to oneself, which is then reflected
naturally to the outside world. Charisma also represents
authenticity. Authenticity is realness, something that is not
copied and the representing of one’s true nature and beliefs.
The path towards authenticity incorporates the knowledge
that what is authentic today may not be authentic tomorrow,
as we continue to grow and develop further in life. During this
path there may be obstacles and difficulties that stop us from
living our values and belief systems in general.
This can include accepting others and certain situations,
understanding and forgiving ourselves and healing old wounds
or traumas. Identifying the impact of these different aspects
aids in strengthening our personality and the movement
towards greater authenticity.
It is highly important to look professional and adequate,
however it is of even more important for people to link their
appearance with their inner power, talent, individual charm,
personality and overall strengths.
Everyone on earth holds amazing, extraordinary talents and
skills and have a lot to offer in the professional world. People are
often excellent at what they do, however their appearance,
style, body language and belief-system may not truly reflect
what their unique potential is.
Diana Aberle has the gift of identifying one’s true essence
and directing it towards outer expression. This entails
authentically discovering the link to one’s appearance with
one’s personality and strengths. The trick is to find the link
….. and this link can be described as Charisma Coaching.
The key to Diana’s success is based on many of her own
transformations in the past that brought her towards what she
represents today. Her training and professional background
includes 35 years of experience in the hairdressing industry.
She is the founder of the Hair & Balance concept (a
therapeutic haircut), stress-release practitioner (Emotional
Freedom Technique) and a Charisma Coach (a holistic and
spiritual approach to personality coaching).
For more info please contact Diana 078 757 3013

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