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Cellular Inflammation

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Cellular inflammation is a chronic
form of inflammation that can go on
for years unnoticed. This is because
it often occurs without any pain or
acute symptoms. However, if we
pay attention, there are many signs
that can be picked up on and many
lifestyle and dietary factors that can put out the “fire”.
Cellular inflammation can result from a diet high in sugar
and carbohydrates, smoking, environmental toxins, chronic
stress, untreated infections and lack of exercise (or too much
exercise). Chronically raised blood sugar, due to insulin
resistance and poor diet, causes damage to the blood vessels
which results in inflammation, water retention and swelling.
An excess of free radicals in the body also contributes to the
damage that causes cellular inflammation.
The long-term consequences of cellular inflammation include
obesity, diabetes, auto-immunity, insulin resistance, heart
disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
If you suspect you might have cellular inflammation then
you may benefit from seeing a qualified Nutritional Therapist
who can suggest an anti-inflammatory eating plan, certain
supplements and stress reduction exercises. Reducing cellular
inflammation will help you lose weight, sleep better, look
younger and feel much more energetic.
Katherine Tudsbury has a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from
the University of West London. Website:
E-mail: | Cell: 082 293 9408

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