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Cancer a misunderstood disease!

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Cancer a misunderstood disease!
Our modern-day approach to cancer is almost
completely focused on the tumour! Think about the
Big 3 (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) which are
all entirely focused on reducing in size or eliminating
the tumour. However, when we remind ourselves
that symptom-based approaches can only suppress
or mask a disease, and we learn that the tumour is
simply a symptom of the disease of cancer, we begin
to understand the necessity of moving away from this
obsession on the tumour to addressing the underlying
cause instead.
When we learn that this root cause is in fact an oxygen
deprivation at the cellular level and that this is something
that can be addressed and reversed by learning how
to alter our dietary, lifestyle and mindset patterns in
ways that promote oxygenation, we in turn empower
ourselves not only in prevention but in dictating our own
healing from cancer.
To find out more go to
Dr Janey (BVSc), author of ‘You Can Heal Yourself From
Cancer Now!’ is dedicated to empowering individuals
both in preventing and healing from cancer with her
powerful and natural 7 Step Cancer Healing Program.

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