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Buteyko: True Freedom From Asthma is a Reality

While many of us take
breathing for granted, asthmatics
live with the knowledge
that every breath is a
gift. Because people with
allergies, blocked nose,
asthma, panic attacks and
sleep apnoea all have difficulty
with breathing, it
stands to reason that this
should be the first port of
call in addressing the problem,
yet most methods of
asthma and allergy control
focus only on reducing triggers
and opening airways.
In 1954 a Russian doctor, Constantin Buteyko, developed
a method of breath “re-training” which has helped millions
of people worldwide regain control over their health. And
while his research has often been used without his permission
to sell all manner of “Buteyko” breathing devices, his
true method employs only a simple breathing technique
which even children can master.
Buteyko has undergone many clinical trials which have
consistently proven that asthmatics can reduce their reliance
on medication a relatively short space of time. Because
it is the only drug free alternative for asthma that has
been conclusively proven to be effective, this technique is
recommended by the UK NHS to people seeking an alternative
to drug therapy.
In a five day Buteyko workshop which will take only 90 mins
of your time each day, you can learn how to gain better
control over your asthma, unblock your nose, reduce your
symptoms – thereby dramatically reducing your need for
medication, and gain true freedom and empowerment
over your condition. And because asthmatics and allergy
sufferers are offered so many false hopes, I give a money
back guarantee. I know that Buteyko works, so if you follow
the programme that I set out for you and experience no
positive changes in your condition after a few weeks, I’ll
give you a full refund.
Go to: for more information, or call me
on 083 494 0661

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