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Bowtech: The Original Bowen Technique

15a Bowen editorial

Bowen is a gentle yet dynamic system of muscle and
connective tissue therapy developed by the Australian, Tom
It involves a series of small, gentle rolling moves over muscle,
tendon or nerve bundles at precise anatomical sites. In this
way, signals are sent to the nervous system and the body’s
innate healing mechanisms are stimulated, empowering the
body to heal itself.
During a session the whole body is addressed via the Autonomic
Nervous System. The ANS controls 80% of the body’s functions
and is very susceptible to external stressors.
Bowen work tends to shift the balance away from Sympathetic
dominance (fight or flight mode) towards the Parasympathetic
system (rest, relax and repair mode). This is evidenced by the
client experiencing a deep sense of relaxation or even falling
asleep and often loud tummy rumblings may be heard.
Almost anyone and everyone can benefit from the Bowen
Technique. It is gentle enough to be used on new-born babies,
the disabled and the frail and elderly, while sportsmen and
women can experience benefit, too.
Bowen enables the body to rebalance and restore. It produces
an integrated body response, consequently improving
circulation, lymphatic and venous drainage, the assimilation of
nutrients and elimination of toxins and normalization of cellular
physiology and tissue integrity.
A Bowen session lasts 15-45 minutes. The client usually lies on
a massage table and the moves are performed through light
clothing. Between sets of moves, there are mandatory delays
(approx 2-5 min) that allow the body time to respond. The body
continues to respond up to 5 days after treatment so other
manipulative therapy is best avoided in that time. The body
may experience a strong detox reaction, so clients are advised
to drink plenty of water for 2 days after treatment. Response
can be immediate, but if an injury is of a long-standing nature,
two or more treatments at weekly intervals, may be necessary.
Estelle Moys, Bowen Practitioner and Instructor

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