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Book Giveaway: Love – Fire by Rose de la Hunt,

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Love-Fire: a living odyssey into the mysteries of Love

The author: Rose de la Hunt a lover of beauty, word and symbol,
and an artist of life.
A lifelong seeker, spiritual explorer, ‘quiet revolutionary’ and
pioneer, her magical, challenging, at times painful, life-odyssey,
and impassioned Love-quest has led her ever deeper into her own
heart-knowing, and into the heart of the mysteries of Love.
A mother, foster-mother, grandmother, lover, listener and friend. A
social science graduate from the University of Cape Town, for ten
intensive years she became involved in overseeing and co-ordinating
the services provided by a large 24-hour crisis counselling centre in
the city. Then she initiated a small experimental centre that rapidly
expanded into the Wellstead : a unique, groundbreaking, inclusive,
vibrant, dynamic, multi-faceted venture and venue, networking and
resource centre – its open doors welcoming, embracing and serving
a great new wave of seekers and explorers during an exhilarating
period of awakening consciousness and transition in South Africa
and the world. For seventeen years she simultaneously served
as editor of Odyssey magazine, South Africa’s first national
pioneering, holistic and universal journal – a magazine with soul.
Rose was also the previous owner and founder member of the Linkup
Her own experiential living odyssey was deepened and greatly
enriched by her unexpected involvement in two different ‘mystery
schools’, at different times, learning from the masters of universal
wisdom and being set alight by their living Love-Fire.
When a health crisis halted her active service-work in the outer
world, she became a free-spirited, creative and contemplative
mystic, often at her cottage in the garden of Temenos in McGregor,
later befriending cancer; being drawn yet deeper into the heart of
Love, its mysteries and dazzling revelations; and experiencing
directly for herself the reality, wonder and ecstasy of immersion in
Love’s sacred Fire.
She writes openly of the unfolding adventure of her personal,
intimate and sacred Love-odyssey; of the interplay between her
inner and outer life and experiences; and of the hidden treasures
unveiled and revealed, in this book which has been described as
“extraordinary and profound”.

One lucky reader stands to win a copy of Rose’s book.
Send your entry to with book in
the subject line or telephone 021-788-3824 by 31 May 2015

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