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Preparing for the exams is often stressful as well as physically
and emotionally draining. The first step in preparing your
body for exam time is a healthy breakfast. Numerous studies
have illustrated the link between breakfast, learning abilities
and attention span. Glucose assists in the production of
acetylcholine which is essential for concentration and
memory. For a healthy boost to your day, try muesli or
rolled oats with rice milk, topped with raisins and cinnamon
or a healthy smoothie. Avoid health bars or cereals out
of a cardboard box. These are laden with sugar and are
Irregular blood sugar levels can wreak havoc on your
mood. Eat regularly throughout the day and consume
a balanced diet filled with good proteins, healthy fats,
various whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Oily fish such as sardines, tuna and salmon are rich in DHA
and EPA and is essential for overall brain health as fatty
acids and phospholipids form part of the brain membrane.
Foods rich in B vitamins assist in calming the central nervous
system. Good sources include dark green vegetables, egg
yolks, brown rice, brewer’s yeast and liver. Essential oils such
as orange and lavender assist in boosting your mood and
calming the central nervous system.
Ensure that your body is hydrated by drinking plenty
of water as reduced concentration is often a result of
dehydration. Sugary drinks, energy drinks and caffeine are
all dehydrating. Lastly, establish a study routine to prevent
unnecessary stress and ensure that you get enough sleep
to rejuvenate your body.
Dr Melissa Arendse ND, M. Sc (Cum Laude)
021 914 4576 or 078 192 6944

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