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6. Anti-aging shopping list (Part 1)

Anti-aging shopping list (Part 1)

Aging is a natural process of life but the way in which we age can be altered by the way in which you eat.

The anti-aging diet can be summed up in just four basic principles :

  • Cut out the sugar and refined carbohydrates
  • Eat more lean protein
  • Replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats
  • Consume the widest possible variety of produce and plenty of it.(1)

Creating an anti-aging shopping list takes one from food collection all the way to food preparation.

Staying hydrated with good quality fluids, such as natural water, herbal teas or fresh 100% fruit juices, and avoiding carbonated drinks and juices which are sweetened, means your body is able to function optimally as all the chemical processes in the body need water.

Think of colour when doing your shopping list and have as many of them on your list in the form of fruits and vegetables. Fruits that should spring to mind are blueberries, raspberries, young berries, strawberries, pineapple, cranberries, citrus fruits, pomegranates, apples etc. Try to buy fruits and vegetables which are in season as this adds to the nutritional value as many cold storage foods have had their nutritional content reduced. If you are able to source organic foods it would be an even better choice as they would not have been exposed to added pesticides, hormones and or be genetically modified. Keep in mind that if fresh is not an option frozen produce generally contains more nutrients than canned goods.

1. Miller P. The life Extension Revolution: The new science of growing old without aging.

Bantam, 2006 : 293

Dr Melissa Brown (B.Sc CHS uwc,B.Nat UWC) is the Secundus and Coordinator of the Naturopathic program at the School of Natural Medicine, University of the Western Cape. She is currently completing her Masters in Child and Family studies with a focus on Primary care-givers nutritional knowledge, body mass index and their feeding practices they share with their children. She is currently in practice with a keen interest in women’s health, weight loss and anti-aging.

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