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After 40 years of study and practise, it takes a
lot for a new method to impress me: The Access
Consciousness™ system has enhanced my life and my
practice dramatically over the last four years!
And anyone can learn the method, from young
kids to grandparents! “Access Consciousness offers
pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you
haven’t been able to change until now.”
Access Consciousness™, established by Gary Douglas
in 1990, is now taught and practised in 46 countries.
After four years of growth in SA, there are now several
practitioners and trainers in Cape Town.
Access brings release, well-being, and wholeness
through three techniques:
[1] A dynamic & expanding set of Questions eliciting
better Choices in life: They help us to identify
beliefs, influences, choices, habits, traditions, etc.
that keep us ‘locked’ into less successful ways of
functioning than we could choose.
[2] A Clearing Statement, which releases unconscious
Blocks to wellbeing.
[3] Access Bars™ which allow facilitation of healing
energy through 32 points or Bars™ on the head: The
Bars are ‘run’ or activated by a Bars Practitioner’s
hands, and can change your whole life rapidly. The
Bars include healing, body, sexuality, sadness, joy,
money, awareness, control, kindness, gratitude,
peace and calm, time and space [etc], used in
different combinations, so as to reactivate the
recipient’s energy to move towards ease, joy and
glory in all areas of life.
In a one-day, 8 hour Bars Class you learn to ‘run’ the
32 energy Bars in the head, with the Questions and
the Clearing Statement, presented by a trained Bars
Facilitator. Then you will be certified to practise as a
Bars Practitioner. This is the start of a journey of endless
Summary by Reinette Steyn (Clinical Psychologist & Access Bars Facilitator]
For more information you can phone her at
021 555-4248 or see

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