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Abundance Online Money School – Competition

14 Linda competition

When it comes to money, many
people are living their lives at the
effect of their bank balance.
Does that sound like you?
The negative impact of this is massive, right down
to a cellular level in your body!
But what if it was not meant to be like that….
Ask yourself these 10 questions:
• Are you living at the effect of your bank
• Do you want to get out of “panic mode” at
month end?
• Do you feel guilty when you spend money on
• Do you want to have multiple streams of
• Are your beliefs about money holding you
• Do you struggle to pay yourself first?
• Are you getting your money working hard for
• Does your debt overwhelm you, you feel like
you are “treading water”, just serving debt?
• Are you struggling to pay all your bills, worry
about not having enough?
• Do you want to be and feel “untouchable”
around money?
If you answered yes to 5 or more of
these questions, then Linda’s on-line
Abundance money School
is for YOU!
Contact Linda on
for more details.
Linda is offering one lucky reader a
50% discount on the course valued
at over R2 000.
Email your name to by
31 March 2015

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