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A New Diet?

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A New Diet?
Traditionally, spring is a flourishing time for those who sell solutions to the problem of weight gain.
Weight-loss groups, clinics and gyms fill up and the sale of weightloss products and books promising
beautiful new bodies, soar!
If only the results were permanent……. The truth is, that by
spring next year many who are now working so hard to
lose unwanted weight, will be looking for the next magic
solution to their weight challenge. Dieting as a solution
to weight-gain can be traced back for centuries but
concerned health organisations report that we are getting
bigger and bigger. Clearly, the answer to our “Battles with
the Bulge” is yet to be found.
No weight-loss program or diet offers permanent results and
the more a person loses and gains, the harder it becomes
to lose the weight next time round. Dieting is unnatural and
the body and mind goes into survival mode as soon as we
embark on a program aimed at losing weight. But there is
Before embarking on a new weight-loss program, consider
how a more balanced lifelong attitude towards your
relationship with food can help you to maintain a satisfying
Here are five life-changing things you can do all year
• Love yourself: Remind yourself daily that you are beautiful
and perfect (you absolutely are) and that you want to
take the best possible care of what you have.
• Fun is a must: Start with some physical activity you really
enjoy and which you know you are likely to continue
doing all year round and make time for play and rest in
your life as well.
• Good food is great: Enjoy plenty of healthy, freshly
prepared vegetables and fruit and combine with
legumes, lightly grilled fish, chicken and meat (in that
order). Add small portions of high fibre carbohydrates
and small amounts of healthy olive oil, avocado pear
and olives.
• Snacking is healthy: As long as it is small portions of high
fibre carbohydrates and fruit combined with a few nuts,
low fat biltong or fat free dairy products.
• Know thy enemy: Refined, over prepared and fried food,
rich sauces, sodas, fruit juices, sweets, pastries, biscuits
and cake should be avoided as much as possible.
We eat because we enjoy food and because food holds
emotional values which are satisfied when we eat. The
secret is to learn how to live in a world where we are
surrounded by food in a way that sustains both our physical
and emotional needs.
Club No Mo Yo-Yo holds a Health Forum each last Saturday
of the month and invites health providers to share
their approaches with us to give individuals
who care about their wellbeing the opportunity to learn how an
integrated body, mind, and soul approach
can support long term weight management.
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