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A Naturopath’s take on Otitis Media (OM) in children

A  Naturopath’s take on Otitis Media (OM) in children

Otitis Media is inflammation, swelling or infection of the middle

ear. There are two types which exist: Acute OM, usually followed

by an upper respiratory tract infection or allergy; while Chronic

OM can sometimes be accompanied by secretions (Glue ear)

which one sees in many children under the age of 7 years. The

causes for OM in children are daycare attendance, parental

smoking or exposure to other second hand smoke, food

allergies, pacifier use. Commonly there is abnormal Eustachian

tube function. One needs to determine if there is a need for

antibiotics – severe otitis threatening mastoiditis may require

antibiotics. Make sure food allergies are not the cause – wheat,

eggs, dairy. Support the immune system during an attack by

cutting out refined sugars from the diet as these weaken the

immune system’s response. The use of Zinc, Vitamin C as well

as standardized children’s multivitamin and mineral is needed.

Botanical medicines include Echinacea and a naturopathic

ear drop formula three times a day. Physical medicine with the

local application of heat is helpful in reducing

discomfort, or applying a hot pack with warm

oil. These applications help reduce in

the middle ear and promote fluid drainage.


Dr Melissa Brown, Naturopath


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