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A Description of Family Constellation Work

Family & systemic constellations offers a way of working with a
life issue that goes beyond words, beyond the thinking about
how to solve a problem. The constellation process allows what is
hidden, what is invisible in our everyday interactions, to become
visible. The constellation process is deeply touching and rich with
stories and experience of us and others.
A Systemic View
We tend to see our problems as belonging to us alone. But we
as individuals also belong to a wider system. We are connected
and interconnected; the quality of our existence is dependent
on the connections that we have with other people. These
relationships nurture and feed us, inform us, warm us; they give
meaning to our lives.
A shared responsibility
The awareness of these interconnections allows us to see
ourselves and others as part of a system – a grouping of people
who share life experiences – also sharing a responsibility for what
happens in our lives as individuals and as part of the family or
group. An action taken by one person has an effect that is felt
by everyone in the system, and can have an impact across
A richness of connections
So taking a systemic view, or more simply seeing an individual
within the context of their family, school, community, opens up
a wider and more complex view of someone’s life. This deeper
understanding and richly layered meaning offers new ways of
telling our stories.
The Constellation Process
The process is experiential and somatically based; the information
that cannot be accessed through cognitive reasoning, through
words, is accessed through the body. The process uses the
immediacy of a ‘felt sense’ – an immediate experiencing of
an object or an event – through our body. This in turn enables
access to the somatic history stored in the body.
Towards resolution
Family constellations explores how the resonance of the past, as
well as invisible loyalties to the wider family system, can affect
your life in the present. The process can make these bonds visible
and ‘felt’, allowing a shift towards a good solution for yourself
and your family.
The Family & Systemic Constellations process can also be used in
corporate and organisational settings, institutions (e.g. schools,
prisons, children’s homes) as well as larger community settings.
Robyn Lewis is a constellations facilitator running regular
monthly workshops and offering individual sessions. For
more information contact Robyn 021 788 1101 or visit


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