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4. Journey Work (Part 1)

In its simplest description, journeywork is the process of going on a meditative journey for our own healing. The aim of journey work is to release emotions, decisions, vows, outmoded patterns and beliefs, in fact anything and everything that is no longer serving us, to allow us to be more present and make choices based on whom we are now and what we wish to create. The journey we take, whether it is a past life experience, rebirth, present life memory, future creation or any of a number of scenarios, is therefore a tool that leads us along the bends and curves we need to follow to discover that which needs healing and to recover the energies that we have lost or unwittingly discarded along the way.

The tool comes as a story because it resonates with our psyches and engages our imaginations. All of which gives us a freer rein to explore what we may not otherwise consider in our daily lives. In truth, the story is a means of accessing that which is blocked or hidden from our normal consciousness. As such it is not nearly as important as our experience of it and what we make that experience mean, that is, what patterns, decisions and emotions we have as a result. Bringing these into a space for resolution allows us to release the subconscious effects they have on our present choices and perspective. Belief or disbelief in past lives therefore becomes irrelevant, as does the notion that we ‘made it all up.’  The story itself comes from within you, just as your own life story does and as such is no more ‘made-up’ or ‘imaginary’ than your own life. Journey work is the practical means by which we recover our entire being and remember who we truly are in the present.

Each session is unique and provides what you need at the time, regardless of what you may think you need. There is always some purpose to the journeywork – you don’t use all that energy to experience and heal a past life (for example) for no reason. Your Higher Self understands that purpose, even if you don’t at the time. Your inner wisdom knows how to guide you to open up the energy in just the right sequence of events that will allow you to receive, accept and work with what needs love/healing at that moment in time. In essence, the purpose of this work is awareness, freedom, self-discovery & unconditional love for who we really are.

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