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3. Journey Work (Part 2)

There are many aspects to journey work as you can use the process to explore

anything you wish to. Some examples are: to access a hidden talent; to prepare

for or heal after surgery; to work through relationship difficulties; to release

addictive behaviours; to connect with those who are no longer on the physical

plane; to seek guidance, direction or advice about any aspect of your life; and

wish fulfillment. It is simply a safe space for you to explore anything that you

may not have time to process in your everyday life.

What do we need to go on a journey? Intent and willingness. Intent to go on a

journey of discovery and willingness to undertake that process. Your Higher Self

and the Universe take care of the rest. The process itself usually happens in a

meditative state. As the traveller, you are under deep enough to experience, yet

are conscious enough to remember the session and state your wishes. Through the

guided meditation we experience the story and then work with whatever energies are

denied, stuck, suppressed or blocked. It is completely safe and the pace is

determined by the traveller.

The tracker (or therapist) is there to guide, keep track of the themes, issues and

emotions etc. that arise during the session, assist with the healing and provide

focus where necessary. The tracker opens up the space and responds intuitively to

what is required with each changing situation. The journey, at times, can be difficult

and exhausting, so the tracker is also there to provide tools, comfort and experience.

Journeywork is a unique tool for self-discovery yet one which anyone can use.

Sessions: Journeywork can be combined with other therapies, e.g. you can have a

massage, Reiki or reflexology treatment whilst experiencing your journey; or you can

focus purely on the process itself – whichever suits your needs best at the time.

Courses: There are courses available if you wish to learn tools & techniques for

journeywork & self-discovery, or are interested in becoming a therapist in this field.

For further information, to make an appointment or book a course,

please contact Shifa: 084 4533414

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