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2. Naturopathic Treatment of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain like all pain in the body needs to be addressed from its cause. Careful evaluation needs to be made on what the main causes are. Two basic degrees of shoulder pain exist: acute or chronic. Some of the more common causes of shoulder pain include: Tendonitis, Rotator Cuff Shoulder Pain, Bursitis and Arthritis. These would need different treatment protocols with focus on the inflammatory levels within the shoulder, maintaining levels of movement in the shoulder, specific exercise as well as prevention of further discomfort. Eat whole foods, rich in nutrients which can assist in reducing inflammation which is causing the pain in the shoulder. Include spices like turmeric and chilli which are antioxidants. Increase supplementation of bromelain, omega 3 oils, Vitamin A and Zinc. Acupuncture has been shown to greatly improve shoulder pain as well as other physical therapies such as massage and exercises such as yoga and pilates.

Dr Melissa Brown, Naturopath



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